New construction and forensic investigations for process and mechanical systems in the continuous process industries to increase efficiency and production output.

  • Specializing in small projects (0.5 to 10 million dollars)
  • Innovative non-standard solutions for difficult problems
  • Incremental production increases
  • Waste heat conversion to process or power generation
  • Chemical laboratory to support pilot plant operations
  • Incremental enhancement of existing production output.
  • Reclamation of product in waste streams.


  • Chemical laboratory to support pilot plant operations and research

Energy conservation:

  • Steam
  • Gas
  • Process electricity
  • Waste heat recovery

Process integrated power generation:

  • Steam turbines (Rankine cycle)
  • Gas turbines (Brayton cycle)
  • Expanders (Carnot cycle)
  • Combined cycle
  • Medium to low process temperature/power recovery (Binary Organic Rankine cycle)

Process design:

  • New process design/modification of existing processes
  • Convert industrial exhaust into industrial chemicals
  • Pilot plant design, fabrication, operation, and optimization as required

Environmental engineering:

  • Reduce temperatures, flows, and lost product/intermediate for:
    • Exhaust stacks
    • Effluent streams
  • Assistance with permitting
  • Specialty (non-standard) stack testing